"Radiate is not just an artistic triumph—it's easily Mila Drumke's best work to date and one of the most impressive records of the year by anyone." —Hearsay magazine

Radiate was written and recorded over two and a half years in houses and studios along the East Coast. The album is an examination of the way in which the world comes into sharp focus as we begin the process of leaving it.

"In taking unimaginable sadness and turning it into something both grounded and visionary, Mila has created a deeply humane song cycle; one which leaves us convinced that the "the late day sunlight will win out again." And "...while these songs inevitably have heartbreak at the core, they are buffeted by a natural kindness and grace which transcends specifics, letting Radiate bury itself in the hearts of anyone with an understanding of loss, no matter what the circumstances." —Hearsay magazine

1. Indiana    2. Radiate   3. Cliff House   4. Days Go By   5. Nothing's Gonna Bring the Sun Down   6. My Big Holiday   7. A Little Peace   8. California   9. Maybe Next Christmas   10. I Think the Spring

The band:
Mila Drumke, Lyris Hung, Elissa Linowes, Allison Miller

Guest musicians:
Adam Ben-David, Erik Della Penna, Joey Fortuna, Don Peris, Karen Peris, Barbara Verrochi