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Radiate named one of the 10 album discoveries of 2006 by WFUV in New York
And DJ Vin Scelsa says "It's a powerful, moving performance, well worth your attention." See WFUV Best of 2006 Staff Picks for the list.

Mila Drumke Radio on the Web!
If you haven't discovered yet, check it out. They've classified the music of more than 10,000 artists according to the musical characteristics of each individual song. Just type in "Mila Drumke," and Pandora will play some Mila Drumke Band songs for you and also introduce you to new, similar artists.

Praise for Radiate
"No one could have anticipated an album quite so keenly felt, so moving and yet so scrupulously arranged and played as Radiate has turned out to be."
—Hearsay magazine
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The above photos appear courtesy of Maxine Henryson (copyright 2006).

Radiate, Hip to Hip
and Gathering My Name
are available on iTunes.