The first question people often ask: What IS Mila Drumke?

Answer: It's a person.

Let's move on.

Question no. 2: What is the Mila Drumke BAND?

Answer: The Mila Drumke Band is Mila Drumke, Lyris Hung and Elissa Linowes. Mila writes the songs, sings and plays guitar and piano. Lyris plays acoustic violin and electric violin and sings harmonies. Elissa plays the bass along with some piano and also sings harmonies.

They have recorded four albums: Gathering My Name (1994); Illinois (1997); Hip to Hip: A Collection of Standards (2000); and the just-released Radiate, now available here.

The band is from New York, where they have performed at venues including the Bowery Ballroom, Joe's Pub, the Mercury Lounge, Fez, The Living Room, The Bottom Line, CBGBs and Arlene Grocery. They have also performed at clubs and colleges around the U.S. and in Great Britain.